red5 installation and RED5_HOME environment variable

Hi there, at the beginning I've to say that I'm the beginner of this case so
it would be great if someone will help me. Just installed Red5 version
(red5-1.0.0-RC1) and have some problems with starting server. After running
red5.bat I've got: 

It's very important thing for me so if anyone can help me please do that. I
need it to study for some projects. What should I do to start the red5
server correctly ? 

Is't due to environment variabl named CLASSpATH ??

Any answers will be helpful for me

answer 1:
I believe that version had issues on windows with spaces in the path. 
Try using a newer red5 (from svn) or install into a directory without spaces, 
such as c:\red5.
That error is common in Java applications when the application cannot
find the entry class of the application.

Are you sure that you have RED5_HOME set to the correct location? If
you take a look at the red5.bat file, there should be a boot.jar file
inside the directory specified by RED5_HOME environment variable.

"set RED5_CLASSPATH=%RED5_HOME%\boot.jar;%RED5_HOME%\conf;%CLASSPATH%"