wowza hosting for streaming

The other superb feature is the use of various codecs for the high quality audio and video streaming. There are lots of codecs that are used by this web host. The main encoders used for audio and video streaming are RTMP, RTP, RTPS and MPEG-TS. There are the best encoders present today. These provide extremely high quality audio and video playbacks.

• The other powerful feature of wowza hosting is on-demand audio and video streaming. This is one prominent feature of the Wowza Media Server. You can get the streaming videos and audios on-demand. There is also the function of live streaming with simulated playlist functionality. This makes the website more powerful than others.

• The other superb feature of the wowza hosting is on-line radio re-streaming. This is possible by the use of SHOUTcast encoders that are available on the website. You will get the best radio experience on the web.

• If you want to communicate with other people while simultaneously listening to your favorite track, wowza has functionality for that too. You can get interactive communications. There are textual, video and conference chats available over the web host. You can easily share your media files with the people around you. You can use this as a potent business tool. There are options such as screen sharing and white boarding too. You can use these methods for interaction with other people.

• There are other things on the website which are meant for complete entertainment. The online games are part of such sources. You can play various online games from the web host. This will provide you excellent source of entertainment.

• You can use the server for individual websites also. Many people are using the Wowza Media Server for their websites. You can use content delivery networks too. The broadcasting of many media content is possible.

These are many of the features offered by the Wowza Media Server. The best part of all these features is that they come all with decidedly less price than other websites. You just have to make an account with the web host. You pay for the required package that you want. The contents will be opened for you. The start of the packages is from as low as $25. You can easily get 10 GB space with this. If you want to try, there is a demo or trial account that can be used for this purpose.