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What is the difference between HTTP and RTMP streaming? When should we use RTMP streaming?

The port, the door to the outside internet. The http uses port 80 or 443, nowadays https, most sites now have https instead of http . for example

try it will work

now for the rtmp it uses port 1935

try it will not work.

quora is not a rtmp server. the rtmp is used for media servers like live videostreaming.

So if you could use rtmp to broadcast live it would be great because the delay broadcasting and receiving the video transmission on rtmp is good, just 1 or 2 seconds of delay. while if you just use a normal http server for live streaming the delay is much higher sometimes up to 25 seconds.

BUT, most firewalls or browsers will not allow the port 1935 to be open, or the plugin use which is called flash from adobe is not acceptable anymore. that means the viewer using a purely rtmp server will not be able to see the transmission.

But there are still uses for rtmp server, and it is like this, the broadcaster connects from his location to the server with a rtmp and then the rtmp server converts the stream to another protocol called HLS (https live streaming) so we back on port 80 or 443 and then the transmission can be viewed by nearly all devices. You can see a sketch at the site RTMP Server | RTMP to HLS And HTML5 Player and you can even order a free demo and test yourself broadcasting live.

Going back to the ports check it works! they using wowza which is special server for live streaming. you can more on this at their site Wowza Live Streaming Software

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Advanced Technologies In Wowza Hosting

Most of the businessmen are utilizing website as the right source to advertise their products in the global world very easily. Storing the videos of your products in the website is really revolving as the best technique to market any type of product. While hosting the video based websites, every website owner should be very clear in choosing the server where their website can be hosted. The wowza server is the highly advanced web server that makes things much easier when it comes to use several web based applications and at the same time wowza hosting a number of different video applications based on various technologies. Every website owner should try to collect information about the particular wowza server that they choose to implement wowza hosting to upload their websites and videos. It is really much important thing to stay updated on the various latest technologies and wowza hosting of such video based sites will revolve as the much easier one when compare to others. Website owner who are in need to make use of different applications that relate to videos can prefer the wowza hosting as the right technique.
There is no doubt that only the wowza hosting will allow the website owners to store numerous videos and other information very easily. Though there are shared wowza hosting is available, only the highly secured shared wowza hosting and dedicated wowza hosting will revolve as the best way to host video based websites. The video streaming will be in successful manner only if the videos are stored in the topmost wowza server . If you visit some topmost wowza hosting provider sites in online, you can get to know more about wowza hosting types and different wowza server s being used to live the website. The wowza hosting services will ensure you many top qualities in hosting the video websites and you can enjoy the best of wowza hosting services with wowza server to attain excellent video streaming services. Understanding the real importance of wowza hosting will make entire things much efficient for people who are willing to attain various video based websites. To host the video sites with good video streaming can be achieved only by choosing the topmost wowza hosting services. In this way, websites give people great support in knowing about various technologies as well as the use of applications and services based on the available technologies.
By finding out the right wowza server providers and wowza hosting service providers, there is chance for every website owner to host any kind of video sites very easily. You will find things much exciting when you find out the topmost wowza server providers in this internet world. It is a true fact that wowza hosting will become the much more advantageous one in the coming years and people are all eyes for those best features. By looking over the online review sites, you can find information about wowza server to improve your understanding very clearly.

wowza hosting for streaming

The other superb feature is the use of various codecs for the high quality audio and video streaming. There are lots of codecs that are used by this web host. The main encoders used for audio and video streaming are RTMP, RTP, RTPS and MPEG-TS. There are the best encoders present today. These provide extremely high quality audio and video playbacks.

• The other powerful feature of wowza hosting is on-demand audio and video streaming. This is one prominent feature of the Wowza Media Server. You can get the streaming videos and audios on-demand. There is also the function of live streaming with simulated playlist functionality. This makes the website more powerful than others.

• The other superb feature of the wowza hosting is on-line radio re-streaming. This is possible by the use of SHOUTcast encoders that are available on the website. You will get the best radio experience on the web.

• If you want to communicate with other people while simultaneously listening to your favorite track, wowza has functionality for that too. You can get interactive communications. There are textual, video and conference chats available over the web host. You can easily share your media files with the people around you. You can use this as a potent business tool. There are options such as screen sharing and white boarding too. You can use these methods for interaction with other people.

• There are other things on the website which are meant for complete entertainment. The online games are part of such sources. You can play various online games from the web host. This will provide you excellent source of entertainment.

• You can use the server for individual websites also. Many people are using the Wowza Media Server for their websites. You can use content delivery networks too. The broadcasting of many media content is possible.

These are many of the features offered by the Wowza Media Server. The best part of all these features is that they come all with decidedly less price than other websites. You just have to make an account with the web host. You pay for the required package that you want. The contents will be opened for you. The start of the packages is from as low as $25. You can easily get 10 GB space with this. If you want to try, there is a demo or trial account that can be used for this purpose.


wowza hosting

Hosting Marketers has started offering on all its hosting plans including hybrid servers wowza hosting. Wowza has the advantage of red5 that it can stream to Apple devices, iphones and iPads.

Stream Types

In Wowza Media Server 3, MediaStreams represent an incoming or outgoing stream of video, audio or metadata. Wowza Server provides a mechanism for defining custom server-side MediaStream implementations or stream types. These stream types are configured using the Streams/StreamType property in the Application.xml file. The following table lists the more commonly used stream types and their intended use (for a complete list, consult the User’s Guide):

  • default: Video on demand streaming of static Flash media, H.264/AAC and MP3 content
  • record: Video recording
  • live: Publish and play live video content (best for one-to-many streaming of live events)
  • live-lowlatency: Publish and play live video content (best for one-to-one or one-to-few video/audio chat applications)
  • live-record: Same as live plus content will be recorded
  • shoutcast: Audio re-streaming of a SHOUTcast/Icecast MP3 or AAC+ audio stream
  • shoutcast-record: Same as shoutcast plus content will be recorded
  • liverepeater-origin: Origin stream type used by live stream repeater to deliver a single streaming using origin/edge configuration
  • liverepeater-edge: Edge stream type used by live stream repeater to deliver a single stream using origin/edge configuration
  • rtp-live: Re-streaming of an RTSP/RTP, native RTP or MPEG-TS stream
  • rtp-live-record: Same as rtp-live plus content will be recorded


Supported Media

Wowza Media Server 3 supports the following media file formats: FLV (Flash Video), MP4 (QuickTime container) and MP3 content (see table below for common file extensions). To play video on demand content, the proper prefix must be prepended to the file name to create a stream name. For example to play the MP4 file use the stream name The following table lists the more common file type prefixes (for a complete list consult the User’s Guide):

  • flv: FLV (Flash Video – this is the default media type so the qualifier and the file extension can be omitted)

    Example: “flv:mycoolvideo.flv”

  • mp4: MP4 (QuickTime container – .mp4, .f4v, .mov, .m4v, .mp4a, .3gp, and .3g2)

    Example: “”

  • mp3: MP3 (.mp3)

    Example: “mp3:mycoolsong.mp3”

  • smil: SMIL (XML files used to configure multi-bitrate streams – .smil)

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